At De Palma Resort Kuala Selangor there are a number of activities you or your company or family can do together during your stay here. You can do horse riding, cycling, volleyball, archery, jungle trekking, team building and tele-match between family, friends or colleagues.

Horse Riding

Take our joy ride where you can actually touch and ride our horses with a trainer. You will find that the horses here are well groomed and healthy.


Whether you have never shot a bow before or you are looking to further your skills, we have a personalized trainer to guide you through and give you lesson or a tip or two.

Team Building

Our Corporate Team Building Program is designed to make the employees know about themselves and understand their team members better. It also helps organization to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their team thus enabling the management to promote their strengths and train them to overcome their weaknesses. Corporate Team Building is more formal and structured. Our primary goal is to bring together, staffs from different educational, rank and social backgrounds to a common goal. Our key objective in designing a team building program is to grant the experiential learning that moves your staffs and organization towards transforming and driving new desirable results.